Coronavirus 2020

Well, I guess I am still in shock as to what has happened with all my plans for vacations this year! Of course my planned cruise from Singapore to Tokyo, Japan which I should be on right now, was the first casualty in the slew of cancellations to beat up the cruise industry to a standstill.

I immediately planned to go on another cruise with my cruise credit and 20% discount offer from NCL to Scandanavia next month. It is dangerously close to cancellation now as NCL has extended all its cancellations till May 14th. Our cruise leaves on May 15th, so I expect this to happen in the next 2 weeks. Fortunately NCL has offered 48 hours cancellations for full credits on any cruises that are booked.

With my travel itch going strong, I keep looking for someplace to go, but unfortunately this coronavirus as affected the entire world and there is no escape! So I sit home as much as possible with the requests from the local and state governments for stay at home in most of Mexico including Puerto Vallarta. This is usually the busiest weeks of the year for Easter vacations and the beaches and our famous malecon have been closed! I believe this is the first time in the history of this city.

Meanwhile I plan to start back up in September 2020 with the cruise from Vancouver, Canada to the Hawaiian Islands with NCL. I booked my hotels for overnights in Vancouver and Los Angles for the flights that I booked along with a condo on Waikiki Beach for a few nights after the cruise finishes in Honolulu.

I also found a new cruise from NCL that is going to Antarctica! This is exciting news sailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina in 15 days to those points I was considering on the Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires cruise for spring of 2121 plus much more. So I canceled the South America cruise and booked this one. Should be an exciting cruise!

For now I stay home and stay safe and wish you all the same!

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