Here I am again in self quarantine going out only as the work and food shopping necessitates. I work on my blogs and post some of them from many years ago and I start to realize what large crowds one encounters on many of these tours, trips, and outings. Now the world talks about social separation and I cannot see how is that even possible?! Going to a concert, a sports team game, a theater, a movie, a parade, a show, etc. etc. is just not possible anymore? We humans have lived thousands of years among each other and with each in very close quarters, and now we are even considering that is not possible? I just do not see how that will ever be possible with all the social etiquettes of shaking hands in North America, to hugs and kisses in Mexico, how can we change millions of people lives that they may no longer be allowed to do these things?

I thought I would simply share with you some of my “crowd” photos and you will realize that things just cannot change that drastically, and humans need to be able to hug, kiss, and just sit next to one another for every ones own sanity and mental health!

So many places, so many people all among each other enjoying the scenery, the people, and life. I sure hope that it is not all over, because I have 4 more major trips planned in the next year as I want to see more, do more, and experience more! And the People I see and meet along the way are what makes the journey even more memorable.

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