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As I continue to sit around and plan, plan, and do more planning for the future of my trips both booked and bucket listed; I found an interesting app for my phone called Places Been. I spent a little time marking the places that I have been and to my surprise the count of countries visited has hit 45 now!

Here is my latest update:

While I marked mostly cities in countries to get that country into my Places Been, I have certainly been to many more cities than shown here, but I will probably keep adding them as I go along. Then I decided to use the WANT column that allows you to create your own personal bucket list. There is also a FAV column to mark your favorites if you so choose to do so.

All of these countries are represented by their flags so you can even do a display of Flags of the countries you have visited or Been to. For only about $5.00 USD it was a cheap app to consider using with some optional upgrades. I decided that since I have been to many UNESCO and National Parks in my travels I would add that option for another $6.00 USD. I see there is even a Airports of the World add on, but for now I will will not use that one.

The last great feature of this app is that it allows you to Share it via any social media app, email, etc. for you to share your travels and Places Been to anyone you wish. It is available on Google Play and Apple Store. Well worth the price and if you get it, ENJOY!

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