Traveling and Testing during Covid-19–Part 2

I am off again for a quick trip to Denver next weekend to celebrate my mother’s 85th birthday. This time my flights are a little bit more compact and I will not have to overnight in Houston on the way back to Puerto Vallarta.

But I decided this time to go ahead and get my Covid-19 test in advance of my trip to Denver, so in Puerto Vallarta area there are free government testing sights available at Hospital Regional, University of Guadalajara Ixtapa Campus, and San Pancho Hospital. You must call ahead and provide some symptoms in order to get an appointment. I did such and received a time and date just 2 days away from my call with an assigned number that you must display in your car dash.

I arrived about 10 minutes early and was lined up with other cars waiting to enter the outdoor field tent areas they have setup across from the campus buildings. They allow 2 cars to enter the field at a time and handle 2 cars a time with the tests. They verified contactless my identity and number that I had place on my dashboard. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sanitation done between clients with the following; full PPE of the 3 testers working the sight, spray down of the table, themselves, change of gloves, etc. Nothing like the USA when I did a test there in July 2020.

The test was performed while you stay in your car with nose swab AND throat swab then cut off the end of swap immediately into a test tube and placed in a cooler. You are sent on your way with results to be emailed to you within 3-5 days.

I was surprised to see the results in my email today after my morning test on last Thursday, so including the weekend it was only 4 days. Very impressive! Glad to report my 2nd negative test in the last few months, so I will continue to practice my social distancing and mask wearing that is required in Mexico anyway.

I will continue update this blog after my travels to see if things changed anyway from the July 2020 trip.

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