Cancelation #8, #9, #10, #11

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog because the news continues to be bad and I am stuck in Mexico all this year except for my several short trips to visit family and friends in the USA.

CANCELATION #8 Here we go again with my September 2021 cruise from Copenhagen and the Baltic canceled in the Spring of 2020. But this time I am not canceling my air travel plans and so I booked with Costa Cruise Lines for a cruise out of Vienna to several Greek Isles and Italian Ports. Then a month before, I thought I would check with them as the Covid travel restrictions are constantly in flux. Sure enough they were not going to allow Mexican arrival passengers to board without quarantine 2 weeks before boarding, leading to CANCELATION #9!

CANCELATION #10 occurs in May 2021 when NCL cancels my planned trip to the Middle East from Athens to Dubai….another great disappointment.

CANCELATION #11 occurs a few weeks ago and it is for Australia and New Zealand in March 2022!

How much longer can this continue?? Although the cruise ships are making great strides the last few months and have many ships back in service around the world, my future cruising is confined to new different and extraordinary places. These restarts are the same old Caribbean cruises,souther Europe, and finally Alaska was in service towards the end of the summer.

My next cruise is going to be January 30, 2022 from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Antartica and back with stops in Puerto Madryn, Argentina; Punta Arenas, Chile; Ushuaia, Argentina; Cruise Antartica Bays; Stanley, Falkland Islands; and Punta del Estes, Uruguay. Things seem to be on track as I am getting specific notifications regarding tender policies, vaccination policies, boarding policies, etc. So that all makes me feel more confident than ever in the last 2 years that we are going to be back on track. I certainly hope so!

Meanwhile, I begin to book cruises for 2022 and 2023 with the hopes that we will continue along the same path of restarting. The shock is that the prices in some cases have TRIPLED from what my canceled price was! I know that they cruise ship companies have to get back to profitability, but at what cost? After the die hard cruisers are booked, what is left is the more budget conscientious cruisers that go on cruises because of the great deals! I certainly have booked several for that reason.

I hope that my next blog post will be the restart of my cruising experiences that I love to share with you! Please remember to check my Trips Planned page to see my new bookings for 2022 and 2023.

Bon Voyage!

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