Business Class Flights American vs. Delta Airlines

Just so happens that I get a chance to fly both airlines within about a month of each other, so I thought I would go ahead and make a comparison for Business Class travelers. When given a choice, why not get the best experience possible? I will start with American Airlines as I flew them from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Chicago, Illinois before my transatlantic flight to Europe in April of 2022. I had previously flown American’s Business Class during the pandemic, but it was finally nice to get back to see what their normal experience is. I was certainly sick of those snack boxes they were using during the pandemic! And on several fights I had to complain to corporate about the lack of consistency they were serving during the same business class flights.

Anyway, it seems like we are back to normal and I certainly appreciate getting the level of service that I pay for when I fly Business Class. American uses a 2/2 configuration in Business Class on their 737-800 with usually as many as 8 rows in certain aircraft; meaning 32 Business Class seats for 1-2 flight attendants to deal with. Which is my opinion is too much work for just one person! Notice, there are no more touchscreens and you are responsible for using your own device such as a cellphone or tablet to gain access to American’s free wifi connected entertainment services. These are ready available if you have the AA app already preloaded on your device. The new convenient flip down holder is now available on most aircraft…..

During boarding we were now offered a water or juice, but not a cocktail as was precovid. After takeoff and introduction by the flight attendant and addressed by my name; we were served your choice of cocktail and warm nuts selection. Everything was served in real glasses and porcelain cups.

Dinner was served shortly thereafter and it was also presented with real silverware and porcelain plates. The entree I choose was mushroom ravioli with vegetables, side salad and a little cerviche appetizer all on the same tray. Hot dinner rolls were served afterwards with your choice. Dessert came later and I do not recall what it was, so it was not memorable! Of course more cocktails or your choice of beverage was offered throughout the rest of the flight.

Now here in June 2022 I am onboard a flight from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Seattle, Washington on Delta Airlines. My first impression is that this airline needs to get updated! The small 6″ screen for watching movies and TV seems to be from the 70s.

Overall the seating was very similar as with American Airlines, but the food service was not up to the same par as I had on a similar length of flight; missing were the warm nuts, no warm towels, etc.

Overall at this point, I give the thumbs up to American Airlines vs. Delta Airlines in the domestic Business Class Experience!

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