Now Cancellation #12!

Just when I thought things were returning to cruising the unexpected Omnicron variant hits the world hard and the cruise lines decide to do another temporary hold for January. So, here I go again with the cancellation announced in December 2021 for the Antartica cruise from Buenos Aires. This one I already had booked my … More Now Cancellation #12!

More Cancellations!

Looks like this pandemic is never going to end? I was informed a few weeks ago that of course my planned trip to depart next week on a cruise from Barcelona, Spain to San Juan, Puerto Rico has been canceled. Not only that, but my cruise at the end of January 2021 from Buenos Aires, … More More Cancellations!

Places Been App

As I continue to sit around and plan, plan, and do more planning for the future of my trips both booked and bucket listed; I found an interesting app for my phone called Places Been. I spent a little time marking the places that I have been and to my surprise the count of countries … More Places Been App

Wroclaw, Poland

Since my new travel plans continue to get canceled for this year, I will reflect one of my past travels that included this Polish border town called Wroclaw (pronounced vrots-wahf). As a part of my research for the heritage of my father’s escape from Poland right after WWII, I traveled by train to this historically … More Wroclaw, Poland

Traveling to USA during Covid-19 and Returning to Mexico!

I made some plans a few months ago, thinking coronavirus would be more resolved than it is right now! But today I’m going to Denver, Colorado from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during these times. I already have been nervous because of the various shut downs, blocks to visitors from certain countries, and now even states. Checking, … More Traveling to USA during Covid-19 and Returning to Mexico!