Traveling to USA during Covid-19 and Returning to Mexico!

I made some plans a few months ago, thinking coronavirus would be more resolved than it is right now! But today I’m going to Denver, Colorado from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during these times. I already have been nervous because of the various shut downs, blocks to visitors from certain countries, and now even states. Checking, … More Traveling to USA during Covid-19 and Returning to Mexico!

Krakow, Poland

After spending a few days in Warsaw, Poland area while researching the history of my father and his family in 2009; I planned to spend a few days in Krakow, Poland as well. I discovered a world city that has so much history, religious significance, and old world culture. Located on the Vistula River with … More Krakow, Poland

Zyrardow, Poland

The place from where my Father Teodor originated……….. My father was an Polish immigrant into the USA in the 1950’s, so back in 2008 I decided his escape from Poland story must be told. I did lots of research and finally decided that a trip to Poland was in order in the spring of 2009. … More Zyrardow, Poland


Here I am again in self quarantine going out only as the work and food shopping necessitates. I work on my blogs and post some of them from many years ago and I start to realize what large crowds one encounters on many of these tours, trips, and outings. Now the world talks about social … More Musings