Munich, Germany to Venice, Italy by Car

My revisit to my homeland of Germany was planned for June of 2017 and since I wanted to visit relatives as well as explore southern Germany, Austria, and Italy it was decided that we would rent a car for this trip. Flying from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Mexico City to Madrid, Spain to Munich Germany … More Munich, Germany to Venice, Italy by Car

2016 Baltic Cruise

Joining my friend Jane on another cruise, we decide to head to Northern Europe and enjoy a cruise in the Baltic with 3 days layover in St. Petersburg, Russia. I meet her this time in San Francisco, California for the day to meet up with for quick car tour around San Francisco and then have … More 2016 Baltic Cruise

2013 Rome,Italy

After much convincing and talk, I decided to accompany a friend Jane on a cruise from Rome, Italy to Istanbul, Turkey and back to Rome back in the summer of 2013. She was a world traveler and was intrigued by this cruise that provided 3 days in Istanbul, so plenty of time for her to … More 2013 Rome,Italy