Florence, Italy 2013

I just finished a few days in Rome, Italy followed by a cruise to Istanbul, Turkey; it is time to go from Rome to Florence (Firenze), Italy for a few days to visit this fabulous city. We accomplish this by flying on a cheap fare on Lufthansa I found online for only about $125 USD one way. We arrive early in the day and head over to the Hotel Loggiato del Serviti, another first class hotel that Jane had stayed at before. It is located in a quiet plaza by the Museo degli Innocenti and just around the corner from the Michelangelo Museum and down the block from El Duomo, including a view of El Duomo. What a beautiful summer day we were treated with, making our walking around the city so special! We walked around the El Duomo, the shops, Uffizi Gallery, and then down to the Arno River where there is a large bridge with the famous gold shops and apartments actually on the bridge (Ponte Vecchio). Florence is loaded with many museums, art galleries, and sculptures abound. There so many sculptures in front of museums, in front of shops, inside fountains, just about everywhere you turned there was another sculpture.

Founded as a Roman colony in about 59 BC, Florence has flourished and become the capital of Tuscany. As financial, commerce, and arts hub it is a fascinating city to visit and explore. Often called the Cradle of the Renaissance many of the Italian masters worked and lived in Florence; including Michelangelo, Donatello, Giotto, Galileo, Dante, and Botticelli just to name a few.

Before I continue any further, I have to spent a moment talking about Italian Gelato, that super premium ice cream served everywhere in Italy! I splurge on Gelato and usually have 2 servings per day; once in the afternoon and then again after dinner as my dessert. I am crazy about Gelato and eat it at every opportunity possible with my favorite flavor being Pistachio. In Florence it was especially good and I even found an Artesan Gelato shop that was indeed the best Gelato I had every had! Enjoy some pictures of these fabulous display cases that entice you at every turn.

After we wander around the area including a stop at Jane’s favorite costume jewelry store, Angela Caputi, we head to the an overlook area of Florence called Piazzale Michelangelo. It was a great place to see the Arno, El Duomo, and all the sites around Florence. It just so happened that the local motorcycle club was having a little reunion in the plaza, so I was able to see some interesting Italian and German motorcycles; my other love in life! I will someday create a new blog describing my over 200,000 miles of motorcycle travels in North America and Europe someday. It was a nice way to conclude our visit to Florence and I promise to be back!

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