Copenhagen, Denmark 2013

Arriving from San Francisco, California via direct flight we end up in the morning arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark. A train ride from the airport to the Copenhagen Central Station puts us just a few blocks to our hotel, the Absalon Hotel. Situated on a nice street it offers a neoclassic type of decor with bright colors, a very comfortable 3 star hotel. Many people do not realize that Copenhagen is actually located on an island that is a part of Denmark, so of course there is water all around the city and is just across a bay from Sweden. Then the bicycles everywhere! Copenhagen is definitely a bicycle city much like Amsterdam and you see bicycle lanes are common. Strolling around our neighborhood the first day, gives us a feel for this great city.

Our next morning is back to my favorite Hop On Hop Off buses for a complete overview of the city. I like these trips because they are quite cheap, informative, and provide a round trip of the sights in any city. Then I usually go around again and Hop Off to where I plan to see a sight in more detail. We make our round trip and then get off near the Rosenborg Castle for a walk around these fabulous grounds.

Then we go around and stop by the famous bronze sculpture of the Little Mermaid donated to the city in memory of a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, where a mermaid decides to give up everything to be with a Danish boy.

Our afternoon and evening are spent at the Tivoli Gardens. An adult and children amusement and entertainment center, it is a place that must be included in your visit to Copenhagen. Operating since 1843, it provides lovely gardens, theatrical shows, great restaurants, and amusement park rides within the complex. It is just a fun place to be for old and young alike!

Just walking around the city the next morning before we head out on a water tour of the city, we behold many different sites. From markets with fresh fruits, flowers, and many sidewalk cafes gives you a pleasant feeling for this metropolitan city.

One of our last things to visit is the very interesting Cathedral Domkirke in Copenhagen that had a row of full size disciples along the walls that were carved by Thorvaldsen. Very interesting city and it was worth to spend a few days here before we left for our cruise!

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