My life long passion has been food and I love to cook to prepare meals from all different parts of the world. From my profile you can see that I have lived the food life from a family restaurant in Germany to General Manager of various large hotels to my final project of owning my own catering company in Denver, Colorado.

As I travel the world, I also make it a point of eating the unusual things you can encounter along the way. Here are some plates of food that I have especially enjoyed and kudos to the chefs who dare to explore and provide me with these wonderful selections!

Afternoon Coffee Break is one of the most popular German traditions. Usually started mid afternoon it includes coffee, tea, or Gluhwein as pictured here. And of course a sweet pastry item is included!

The Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany is the best place for finding that special treat from draft Weissbier, Herring roll, cheeses, meats, sausages and fresh produce from all over the world.

The traditional German cold cuts breakfast served at home and at many hotels. These could include soft boiled eggs and herring, but always includes fresh baked rolls and breads.

An obligatory stop in Munich at the Hofbrauhaus provides you with large homemade pretzels, liters of German beer, Wienerschnitzel with fresh white asparagus, and Schweinehaxen (Pork shank), all the best of Bavarian food!!

What a most fitting dessert before a Mozart Concert in Salzburg, Austria. A combination of 3 bite sized items included a fruit truffle, ball of vanilla ice cream, and a cream puff on a bed of berries…with a powder sugar treble cleff. Delicious!

Barcelona, Spain home to Sangria and these liter sized ones served at most restaurants along Las Ramblas are the way to go!

In Costa Rica, plantains and black beans are a staple in most meals. This was served a rain forest cafe near Puerto Limon.

“Food is the ingredient that binds us Together”

“Good Food is Good Mood”

“There is no sincere love than the love of food”

George Bernard Shaw

Quite a fabulous surprising dessert served at the Palacio del Inka Hotel in Cusco, Peru; featuring a yellow sweet tomato, edible flowers, sweet granola and a strawberry sorbet.

Fresh mussels in wine sauce in the Jagger Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark

One of my favorite sweets of all time! As child in Germany it was my first pick at the bakery. Each country has their own name as these in Denmark, but they are delicious waffle cake bottoms, with meringue inside and dipped in chocolate!

Herring, herring herring…what else do you eat in the Baltic. Inside Tivoli Gardens at the Socafeen Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark I was treated to a 3 flavors of Herring on this Plate!

What to eat in Russia? Of course Beef Stroganoff in the Stroganoff Restaurant, St. Petersburg!

Afternoon Tea at Harrods in London with a Smoked Salmon Plate! How delish!

Fish and Chips London Style!

Gourmet Waffles are quite common in Amsterdam, Holland!

Prima Cruise Ship Los Lobos Restaurant

Let’s prepare something together.