Economy vs. Premium Economy vs. Business Class Flying

I made the concerted effort pre-COVID that I was no longer going to fly Economy and in 2018 I flew from Mexico City to Barcelona in Premium Economy on Iberia. I followed up the next year with them again on the flight from Mexico City to London. It was a pleasant experience and decided for those extra pesos, I was no longer flying overseas in Economy any more! Now then Covid starts and as you can see from my Blog Posts, I flew to the USA during those times around 6 times and since I accumulated so many airline credits from canceled Covid flights for cruises; I might as well splurge and use them up faster by flying Business Class. I also was a bit nervous about being crammed into Economy Class while Covid was surging and then being able to remove my mask in Business Class to enjoy beverages and food was a definite plus.

Now, as I start to travel again this year overseas, I find myself in only Business class and try to make every effort to do so by shopping for the best deals combined with mileage upgrades. So I am pleased to see my next 5 trips from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to places like Athens, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Venice, and Lisbon are all scheduled in business class. And I started to look into those same options for my 2023 plans especially to even longer distances like Hong Kong and Bangkok it is a must!

I find that I search very hard using as my principal search engine and then I always book directly with the airline that I feel has the best deal. Be careful as there are many bogus online travel agencies that do not support you if you have a problem with your cancelations and/or changes. Best to work directly with the airline, so that if and when I have had to make cancelations and changes; they are much easier to deal with. Today (after hearing about the fiasco in London Heathrow) I called American Airlines and was able to change my ticket without any additional costs and avoid that airport disaster occurring there. I am a Gold Frequent flyer as well as I am flying in Business Class from Puerto Vallarta to Athens, maybe that gave me some privileges that others would not get? For the extra money for the ticket, I am very happy with the service offered by all airlines because of my class of service.

This travel year starts in a few weeks on American Airlines, then in May I will be using Iberia Airlines again (previous credits to be used). Then in July we fly together on Aeromexico (some credits, some cash) followed by September’s flights again on Aeromexico. I have found some exceptional deals with them in Business Class from Mexico City or even Puerto Vallarta. Finally in November I am actually using miles to get to Cancun, Mexico and then fly Tap Portugal from Cancun to Lisbon, Portugal. Do no count out these national airlines from the countries you fly into. Sometimes they are offering some good deals as that flight in Business Class was only 38,000 pesos one way.

For 2023 I am eyeing another new airline for me with EVAAIR, a Taiwanese airline that has been rated one of the best business classes in the world! The current airfare is about 87,000 pesos round trip from Vancouver to Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand to Vancouver…. not bad and it is on my watch list. Why Vancouver? I have airline credits with Westjet to use and I booked them for that part from Puerto Vallarta roundtrip in order to finally using those credits!

I am going to start posting some videos this year about my experiences in Business Class as a comparison between the various airlines, so look forward to those.

Good Luck in your Business Class searching and wish you the best in your 2022 travels!

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