Another Cancellation!

I am now up to 7 cruises canceled in the last year or so from NCL! Wow! Who would have thought this would last so long? We just were canceled for a special cruise that would have taken us from Barcelona, Spain to Venice, Italy via stops along the Italian and Adriatic coasts and would have added many new places to my goal of seeing 100 countries. I am up to about 45, so I have a ways to go.

Here I go again with canceling hotels, now being smarter and only booking hotels that are cancelable. Then the nightmare of getting airlines canceled with future credits because you know they hardly ever refund the money! I have been whittling away on my American Airlines credits by flying to Denver a few times with another trip scheduled in May 2021. But there are now some bigger credits for the future with Iberia, Westjet, and Aeromexico to deal with in the coming months.

What else to do, but starting to plan and dream about the next voyage scheduled for September 2021 on another NCL cruise from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg, Russia and back. A bit of repeat trip for me, but my partner will enjoy the fabulous ports of call on this one with 2 days in St Petersburg to get time to see all of the fantastic sites. A stop in Rostock, Germany gives us the opportunity to take the train to Berlin for the day. I had spent a good portion of my youth in Germany, but due to Communism, Berlin was never a travel stop for us. So, I am looking forward to that port of call.

I have booked all my tours already because I fear that “on your own” tours will not be allowed for now and I do not want to miss out on the ship’s tours. All we can do is keeping hoping for the return to cruising and I am very pleased that many ships are going to go around the CDC and begin to cruise again from other home ports. While Americans are a significant portion of the cruise industry business, they are not all of it. I have to fly from Mexico anyway, so going to start my cruise in a non American port is my preference anyway

Here’s to Traveling Again!!

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